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Real Estate Investing and Property Management Services


Our Philosophy

Who we are drives what we do.


We see every interaction as an opportunity to deliver unexpected value. Whether it’s efficiently designing an awkward space on a tight budget or speaking with an upset guest we are unrelenting in ensuring a successful outcome is always achieved.


We work hard, and we work smart.


We are real estate investors with a heart for renovation, design, and hospitality.

Let's Meet

We are Doug and Brianne Hamilton, successful real estate investors specializing in premium long-term and short-term rental properties and offering boutique-style property management sevices.


 Uncover If Your Property Has Short-Term Rental Potential!


Working With Us

We Are Your Problem Solvers.
Does investing in real estate feel overwhelming?
  • Are you unsure where to start

  • You have no construction experience

  • You think it’s a risky investment

  • You have no interest in being a landlord

  • You don’t have the time to do all the work that’s involved


Do you currently own rental properties but don’t want to manage them yourself?
  • Are you too busy to deal with maintenance issues

  • Are you tired of dealing with tenants

  • Do you struggle with finding quality tenants for vacancies

  • Do you have a great unit for a short-term rental but don’t know where to start

  • Are you unable to scale because you're too in the weeds


Whether you are looking to get started in building a successful real estate portfolio or don’t want to manage your properties alone, our services can help.


We offer everything you need to grow and build a successful real estate portfolio.

Our Services

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